Objectives: To reduce you costs of production and Time to Market

For prototype means the first element of a series. The prototype can perform different functions within the product development cycle: the design is used to test an idea, for marketing can be used to test the market response to a new proposal for the production and can be used to test a manufacturing cycle. Ultimately the functions of the prototype are thus functional verification, assessment of costs, the cost evaluation, the evaluation of flow times and the response of the market.


" A History of Italian innovators. "( R. BOSCH)

A constantly updated, advanced manufacturing and cutting edge technology are the strengths of Taurasi Engineering Srl Magliore to ensure product quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

Measuring CAD-CAM

Our company, thanks to recent investment in a program of three-dimensional CAD-CAM design of the latest generation, is able to support the client in the design phase and in the realization that through precision machining of mechanical parts and not even of particular complexity.

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